Soil temperature mapping to guide cotton sowing

This is a prototype decision support tool to help guide cotton planting. This tool will complement and extend existing initiatives such as CSD's FastStart Soil Temperature Network.To use the tool enter the town nearest your farm and use the zoom slider to zoom in or out. The map is an output from a statistical model that uses climate and landscape information to predict soil temperature at 10cm depth at 9am.

More information on the FastStartT Soil Temperature Network can be found here

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Air temperature forecast conditions


More information on interpreting air and soil temperature forecasts for cotton plantting can be found here


  • If both air and soil temperatures are poor, then planting conditions are definitely unsuitable -STOP!
  • If only one or the other of air temperatures OR soil temperatures are good, but not both, then -BE CAUTIOUS. Adjustments may need to be made.
  • If both air and soil temperatures are good -LET'S GO!

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